Enjoy the easiest access possible to valuable – actionable – insights through the widest range of flexible and scalable analytics on the market.

Easy access to actionable insights
Act instantly to protect people and property and make the right decisions about your operations. Axis analytics solutions give you easy access to actionable insights based on video, audio, and other data. How? With the widest range of flexible, scalable analytics on the market – with a focus on the edge.

Everything about Axis analytics solutions is designed to be easy. From fast and intuitive configuration to smooth integration with your own systems, thanks to our open platform. We offer excellent support with experienced advisors at your service to get you off to a quick – simple and cost-effective – start. And you’ll enjoy an intuitive user experience built on Axis Scene Intelligence technology, which is based on the deepest knowledge of image processing and edge analytics in the industry.

Axis analytics solutions transform video, audio, and other data into valuable insights you can act on instantly. We use AI to open the door to stronger, faster conversion of data into triggered events that let you respond appropriately to security and safety breaches as they occur. Or into statistics and events that allow you to respond to what´s happening in your business or operations and maximize performance and value. All while freeing up resources and saving you time and money.

A wide Axis portfolio. An extensive partner network. Open standards and a flexible platform made to last. It all adds up to the widest range of adaptable, scalable analytics available – with a focus on the edge. Axis analytics solutions are based on open standards, so they’re compatible with all major video management systems. They’re built on our flexible ACAP platform and supported by development tools that make it easy for our many partners to deliver applications tailored to your specific needs. And data processing on the edge means less hardware, so scaling up is less complicated and less expensive.

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