PTP 820S Backhaul

PTP 820S is an all-outdoor point-to-point licensed microwave unit.



  • Frequency
    6-38 GHz
  • Frequency
    1+0, 1+1 HSB, 2+0
  • Protection
    Protection: 1+1 HSB
  • Protection
    QPSK to 2048 QAM w/ACM
  • Features
    Advanced Frequency Reuse (AFR)


  • Dimensions
    230mm(H), 233mm(W), 98mm(D), 6.0kg
  • Pole Diameter Range (for Remote Mount Installation)
    8.89 cm – 11.43 cm
  • Environmental
    -33°C to +55°C (-45°C to +60°C extended)
  • Power Input
    Standard Input: -48 VDC, IDU DC Input range: -40 to -60 VDC
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