Most state and local authorities are adopting all or some of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 72 and International Fire Code (IFC) standards. This means that your building must have adequate Emergency Responder Radio coverage—such as a Public Safety DAS—before a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be issued.

ERRCS Design

Whether NFPA 72, NFPA 1221, CFC 510, or other, we design build AHJ and code-compliant systems all across the board. Determining future needs is a critical component when developing a public safety communications network. UHF, VHF, or a 700/800 MHz public safety service, the system’s future could depend upon careful planning and verification that all your signal strengths in your building will be up to spec, even if the building is not yet complete. Electronic Engineering can predict needs and develop a Public Safety DAS that meets any necessary requirements.

We provide First Responder RF Grid Testing & Reporting. These services are required for the assessment of RF signal levels in existing and new buildings, and it should be conducted when in the construction phase or after alterations are made to existing structures. This test and report is required on annual basis or at other intervals as specified by the authority having jurisdiction – which we can assist you with.

Electronic Engineering offers proven solutions to make buildings safer and deliver truly mission-critical wireless services:

  • Full package of services for public safety RF compliance
  • Signal propagation studies and predictive modeling
  • Design, installation, and compliance with local police and fire

Public Safety DAS provides boosted reception necessary for emergency first responders. The DAS systems we offer are fully updated for standard radio signals and for the dedicated public safety spectrum.

In-Building Data Solutions

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