Protect the everyday.

Genetec builds physical security solutions that allow you to see, know, and understand your environment today and in the days to come. Security isn’t static, it’s constantly evolving – that’s why Genetec’s innovative and flexible solutions adapt to your changing reality. Genetec understands that the challenges you face today may not be the same ones you face tomorrow. That’s why Genetec starts by listening to you, and security professionals just like you, to help you prepare for the road ahead.

Taking your physical security operations further
Since day one, Genetec’s focus has been on delivering innovation that makes life work better. We build resilient, connected solutions that go beyond security to provide operational insights that allow you to improve your business and environment.

Unified Security

Operations & data


Responding to your security needs today and tomorrow
Investing in physical security technology to effectively protect and support your business is a process that happens over time. That’s why our team is committed to long-term value and resilience in everything we create. From listening to your unique needs to adapting our existing products and developing new capabilities that address your requirements today and, in the days, to come.


Giving you greater situational awareness
Effective physical security technology solves more than one problem. It gives you a unified view of your ongoing operations and presents data to let you analyze and gain the insights you need to improve your strategy and better understand your environment. That’s why Genetec approaches technology development with curiosity and creativity, working closely with you and our partners to help solve your day-to-day challenges.


Physical security software that grows with you
The world is changing, and your physical security solution needs to be able to adapt. That’s why Genetec offers flexible and open solutions that you can deploy over time, as your business grows and evolves. You can also choose on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure which allows you to evolve your security installations at your own pace.


Going above and beyond
Meeting or exceeding your expectations is important to Genetec. It's why they invest a significant portion of their revenue back into research and development to consistently drive technology forward.


Protect your data and infrastructure with solutions you can rely on. Genetec’s products are built with privacy and cybersecurity in mind, helping you better mitigate risks.


Reduce costs and maintenance associated with servers. Genetec’s cloud-based security solutions help your team become more agile in deploying new systems or applications.

Machine learning

Machine learning
Ensure your security team stays focused on keeping people and assets safe. Genetec’s intelligent automation keeps your security systems running faster and more efficiently.

Unified security

Genetec’s unified physical security platform is developed as one unit. It seamlessly brings data sources together, within one single interface and that keeps up with your needs for years to come at your own pace.

Operations & data

Modern security systems trigger a continuous flow of events. This ensures that threats don't go undetected, but they can overwhelm operators. Our operations and data portfolio lets you harness security data to prioritize interventions, automate response, and unlock new insights.

Industry expertise

Organizations are as unique as the individuals that run them. This is why we work with our customers to co-develop a portfolio of solutions designed to address the unique needs of every industry.

Why Genetec?

Genetec experience

Genetec experience
You need more than security solutions. You need a partner who’s going to serve your business and help you grow.

Unified security

Unified security
A unified approach to security gives you the information you need to make the best decisions and respond quickly.

Trust and Cybersecurity

Trust & Cybersecurity
Rely on a platform that’s built with privacy and cybersecurity in mind. You don’t have time for data breaches when you have people and assets to protect.

Network of Partners

Network of Partners
We have high standards and so do our partners. We work with like-minded organizations dedicated to bringing you the best technology and service.

The Genetec difference

Your physical security is Genetec’s business

Genetec’s committed to continuous innovation and impeccable service
The drive to go beyond expectations has been key to the Genetec experience since day one. Genetec wants to knock your socks off with innovative strategies and technologies that will keep your security environment robust and resilient. 

Genetec is also here to help. Their expert project managers, field engineers, solution architects, and dedicated support, service, and training teams are here to help ensure you get the most out of your investment with them. 

Partnering for your success
When you choose Genetec and their products, they want you to have a great experience from start to finish. That’s why they partner with top security experts around the world. These system integrators are selected based on their knowledge, expertise, and ability to offer top notch service. From your first question about Genetec products to installation and systems support, they'll be there every step of the way to ensure we make your project a success.

Choose your hardware and more
The fact that our security platform is built with open architecture means that you have all the flexibility you need to design your system - including choosing the hardware you prefer and adding on the software functions you need. You can choose to turn on more Genetec modules or work with our technology partners to extend your Genetec system with their tools.

Get more from your security investment 
When you purchase one of Genetec’s products you automatically get Genetec™ Assurance, which is free of charge for all new and existing customers. You can leverage online tools, technical assistance, and deployment support.

If you want more specialized support, they offer Genetec™ Advantage, an optional premium paid-for package that includes advanced troubleshooting, proactive system health tools, software upgrades, and more.