Coordinate responses to improve public safety

Genetec Citigraf strategic decision support system

See your city through a shared lens

More than just reacting to situations in progress, an effective public safety strategy involves proactively dealing with crime. Disorganized and siloed data inhibits collaboration across teams and slows incident response times. This is why organized, and consolidated data is crucial for a proactive approach to policing. Police departments and emergency responders need technology that empowers them to keep their cities safe.

Genetec Citigraf™ is a strategic decision support system that unifies data streams and operations across city departments. Citigraf disseminates timely information and provides greater situational awareness to law enforcement agencies. Together, these capabilities allow you to improve your public safety response strategy.

Data-driven intel for proactive decision making

Achieve the situational awareness you need for realtime decisions

Connect your data to protect your city

From video surveillance and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras to gunshot detection, city-wide sensors help you keep a vigilant eye on your city. The Citigraf strategic decision support system consolidates your sensor data to provide operators with situational awareness and intelligence to keep communities safe. 

Why Citigraf?


Law enforcement and emergency services are constantly looking for new ways to increase response efficiency and safety. Genetec provides cutting-edge technology for seamless protection of your communities. 


At the core of every city is a host of security technologies. But these technologies may not be designed to speak to each other. Genetec breaks down those data silos to answer your public safety needs.


Your cities are transforming and becoming more digitized, which increases the likelihood of cyberattacks. That's why cybersecurity is implemented at the very core of all Genetec’s solutions.


Genetec understands that safe cities and the technologies they harbor are evolving at a rapid pace. This is why they provide the ability to adapt your operations, even as your infrastructure evolves and grows.

Unified Security Ecosystem

Solutions to manage the everyday

Your security system gathers valuable data around the clock. It tracks the flow of vehicles using automatic license plate recognition, measures the occupancy of facilities throughout the day with video analytics, and more. Collectively, it informs you about your operations. Our operations & data solutions help you make sense of complex data and turn insights into actionable intelligence


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