Take your evidence management into the information age

Genetec Clearance™ digital evidence management system

Are you still sharing your evidence on DVD? 

The use of video recordings and multimedia has grown exponentially. Law enforcement investigations, judicial cases, and evidence sharing processes rely on video footage to gain insights of past events. Organizations struggle to handle the increased volume, complexity, and variety of data used in modern investigations.

Genetec Clearance is a digital evidence management system that helps you organize evidence and case files. It reduces reliance on having to copy information to DVDs and shared drives. Clearance lets you securely share evidence with the click of a button. This ensures information is only shared with authorized individuals in and outside your organization.

Save time as you collect, manage, and share evidence

Facilitate collaboration with businesses and residents


Enhance collaboration inside and outside your organization

Clearance greatly simplifies how you cope with the mountain of digital evidence. Handle cases and files from a single application, grant instant access to evidence at the click of a button and ensure information is only shared with authorized stakeholders inside or outside your organization. The result? Quicker sharing of evidence at a lower cost, without dealing with DVDs and shared drives.

Find the evidence you need and save time handling video requests
Streamline your video request process

Why Clearance?

Manage cases, not just evidence

Manage cases, not just evidence
Be more efficient by managing evidence within cases that include media, digital files and documents, video and audio recordings, and images.

Extensive video format support

Extensive video format support
Clearance supports a variety of video codecs, so you can easily review files from multiple partners and systems without having to install multiple video players.

Simplify request processing

Simplify request processing
Reduce your paperwork. With custom request forms, approval workflow and built-in auditing tools, gathering evidence from stakeholders and partners has never been simpler.

Integrate to existing systems

Integrate to existing systems
When working on a case, it’s essential that all the information you need is easily accessible. Clearance can be integrated to complement your existing systems.

Solutions to manage the everyday

Your security system gathers valuable data around the clock. It tracks the flow of vehicles using automatic license plate recognition, measures the occupancy of facilities throughout the day with video analytics, and more. Collectively, it informs you about your operations. Our operations & data solutions help you make sense of complex data and turn insights into actionable intelligence


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