Take control of the situation

Genetec Mission Control collaborative decision management system

Flooded with data, is your security keeping up?

Between smarter sensors, the growing number of devices, and the multiplication of systems, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with data. All of this noise makes it difficult to identify the true threats hiding among the hundreds of events. The danger is finding yourself reacting to incidents only after they’ve escalated.

Genetec Mission Control™ is a decision management system that helps you understand unfolding events and quickly identify the best course of action. It simplifies the response coordination between stakeholders, speeding up incident resolution. Stop reacting and start taking control.

Everything you need to manage any incident

From detection to dispatch and response

Focus on what really matters

Mission Control separates incidents that need your attention from minor notifications. It analyzes events from your entire system. It detects patterns that signal real threats and automates routine tasks. When an emergency occurs, it guides your team to respond quickly and confidently. This means fewer disruptions to your operations and a faster return to normal.

Why Mission Control?

Code-free configuration

Code-free configuration With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, there’s no need to get a developer involved every time you want to create a trigger, automate tasks, or define standard operating procedures.

Boundless connectivity

Boundless connectivity
Go beyond traditional security sensors with an ecosystem of over 900 integrations that includes building management, public address, automated drone systems, and more.

Collaborative response

Collaborative response
Some incidents can’t be solved alone. Mission Control encourages collaboration within and outside your organization with role-based assignments.

Automate everyday activities

Automate everyday activities
Mission Control provides the tools to manage non-security incidents. From maintenance to building management, it will guide your team to quickly resolve any issue.

Unified Security Ecosystem

Solutions to manage the everyday

Your security system gathers valuable data around the clock. It tracks the flow of vehicles using automatic license plate recognition, measures the occupancy of facilities throughout the day with video analytics, and more. Collectively, it informs you about your operations. Our operations & data solutions help you make sense of complex data and turn insights into actionable intelligence


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