Break down security silos

Discover Genetec’s unified security solutions

Build your system on the right foundation

Your organization is expanding. The choices you make today will define your ability to face tomorrow’s challenges. But with technology and the nature of threats changing every day, how can you ensure your security system doesn’t slow you down? 

Genetec’s unified security portfolio gives you the flexibility you require. Choose one or more security solution to address today’s needs, knowing your foundation can be expanded over time to meet new challenges. All this without starting from scratch every few years because of compatibility issues.

Industry-leading solutions to unify your security

Start with your core systems

Modernize your security technology

Looking to replace aging security infrastructure, or expand an existing one? Genetec’s industry-leading video surveillance, access control and automatic license plate recognition systems help you protect what matters.

Evolve your security operations

See the full picture in one place

Still using multiple applications to get the full picture? Each of Genetec’s systems are part of a single unified security platform, Security Center. It delivers a comprehensive view of events in one location, unlocks gains in productivity and protects you from the pitfalls of integrated systems.

Genetec Security Center unified security platform

Enhance awareness and coordination

Augment your system with powerful add-ons

Expand your capabilities and become more efficient with Security Center add-ons. Manage communications, intuitively navigate facilities with dynamic maps, arm and disarm intrusion panels, and tap into embedded analytics. And do it all from a single your unified platform.

Sipelia™ Communications
SIP-based communications within Security Center. Manage conversations between operators without leaving your security interface.

Security Center Plan Manager
See where everything’s happening, and what’s around

Intrusion Panel Integration
Bring intrusion alarm management into your unified security platform, facilitating cardholder management and speeding up interventions when an intrusion event occurs.

KiwiVision video analytics
Turn pixels into actionable information

Tap into new technologies

Connect with a best-of-breed ecosystem

Innovation constantly unlocks new possibilities. With the industry moving so fast, being able to tap into 3rd-party solutions is essential. Connect to a portfolio of over 900 partner solutions and unify your entire security environment.

Unified Security Ecosystem

Bring security and operations together

With your entire security environment unified and working as one, you can look beyond security. Our portfolio of operations and intelligence solutions help you take the next step, whether that is automating security through workflows, streamlining evidence sharing, evolving your cardholder and identity management processes or unlocking insights into your business and activities.


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