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Find the needle in the haystack

AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition

High-performance ALPR that gives you real-time insights

The Security Center AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system alerts you to wanted or unpermitted vehicles, even when you’re not looking for them. This solution gives you real-time insights into your environment while helping your team work more efficiently. Choose between fixed or mobile ALPR or install both. You also can unify the AutoVu solution with video and other systems to get a complete picture of any situation.


Unlock the information your team needs to fulfill their mission

Whether you oversee parking management, critical facilities security or the safety of citizens, AutoVu can help your team achieve more. It captures more license plates to ensure no vehicles of interest slip by. And when action is needed, it empowers operators through intuitive software, so they can focus on their task, not reviewing reads.

Why AutoVu?


AutoVu ALPR devices leverage the latest machine learning technology to continuously deliver new value, so you can be confident your investment will stand the test of time.

Fully unified

Fully unified
Speed up investigations by combining ALPR reads with video surveillance footage, or use ALPR to manage access to sensitive facilities. AutoVu works with the rest of your system.


The value of ALPR is directly related to its performance. That’s why we offer fixed and mobile devices designed specifically for license plate detection and recognition.


AutoVu has been used by parking management organizations, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure facilities for over two decades.


AutoVu™ Sharp Z3

AutoVu™ Sharp Z3

Redefining what mobile ALPR can do

The AutoVu SharpZ3 is a mobile automatic license plate recognition device that goes beyond traditional plate identification. The SharpZ3 delivers high accuracy and performance while offering you new insights through a machine-learning engine. And with a third optical sensor, the AutoVu camera can precisely detect plates with embossed lettering and digital plates. It can also decipher other license plate designs even in a busy urban environment.

AutoVu™ SharpV

AutoVu™ SharpV

Expand your vision with fixed ALPR

If you want to strengthen security or monitor off-street lots using AutoVu Free-Flow, the AutoVu SharpV delivers. This automatic license plate recognition device can detect license plates and stream video, all within Security Center. Since the SharpV provides onboard analytics and processing, you never have to worry about bandwidth issues. And no matter your skill level, deploying and adjusting this all-in-one device is a breeze.

Begin your journey to unification

When you choose AutoVu, you take the first step to breaking down silos between your security systems. AutoVu is part of Security Center, our unified security platform. This means you can easily combine ALPR with video surveillance, access control, communications and other security systems over time, as your needs evolve.

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