Turn pixels into actionable information

KiwiVision unified video analytics

Your video management system is smarter than you think

In a complex world, it is becoming difficult to understand the everyday. High numbers of cameras, sites, sensors, and devices defy operators to handle information.

The volume of events makes it hard for operators to differentiate and filter the relevant data. KiwiVision™ Video analytics helps you understand what’s happening around you. It automates video surveillance and allows you to enhance your operations, allowing your security team to act quicker and make more informed decisions.

A complete suite of analytics that work with any camera


Unlock the potential of your video data

Your video management deployment can help you achieve more than surveillance.

With video analytics, you can transform the data from your cameras into actions and enhance your security. Make efficient maintenance tasks, react faster to critical events, and get business insights to improve your operations.

You can also ensure the anonymity and privacy of people without compromising security.

Why KiwiVision


KiwiVision video analytics work with any cameras supported by Security Center Omnicast, so you can make the most of your system.


Get reliable performance with video analytics used by hundreds of customers. Ensure long-term operations with features tested in the field.


Easy system upgrade and management to scale your applications. Increase efficiency in the deployment with compatible features.


Ensure the privacy of people. Keep movements, actions and events recognizable.


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