Security Center

Unified security,
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Genetec Security Center unified security platform

Can your security system keep up with your vision?

With the increasing amount of new security technologies and sensors available, an open approach to security is crucial. But over time, integration falls short. APIs and interfaces built for a single purpose reach their limits - and your system stops keeping up with your needs.

Security Center is a different type of platform. It's built from the ground up to unify all of your data so that you can manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations. Its extensive ecosystem lets you expand your system with the technology you need to face emerging threats. And since it’s not focused on one narrow set of tasks, it accommodates new data types seamlessly in one interface.

Unified security without compromise

Ready to face tomorrow’s threats

Security Center allows you to monitor events and configure your system in one place. With a single interface to master, your team spends less time in training.  And since it was designed to unify your entire security environment, it provides a familiar experience even as your system grows, unlocking new gains in efficiency. 

Why Security Center?

True unification

True unification
Unification is at the core of everything Genetec does. They take a multi-technology approach and work with best-of-breed partners to deliver true unification.

Secure by design

Secure by design
The nature of threats has changed. Security Center helps you implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, so you can keep your system and data safe.

Proven performance

Proven performance
Security Center is trusted by some of the world’s most demanding organizations to keep people safe and operations running.

Trusted network

Trusted network
When you choose Security Center, you’re in good hands. Genetec channel partners receive ongoing technical training and are backed up by a team of engineering and support specialists.

Solutions ecosystem

Expand your security and operations

A toolbox to achieve your security vision

Every day, new technologies are introduced that increase security and improve efficiency in innovative ways. However, simply incorporating new systems in silos rapidly increases complexity for already overwhelmed operators.

Security Center allows you to get more from your security system. It's a platform with a rich ecosystem that puts more data at your operators’ fingertips. Built using open architecture, it delivers a clear path to connect critical systems in one platform and provides operators with a familiar interface to manage your entire security environment.


Bring together the systems you need to protect what matters

Assemble the hardware and systems that minimize threats to your facility. An open platform provides the flexibility to choose the systems that work for you. Bring in new systems at your own pace, as they become available. 

Consolidating systems allows you to optimize interventions and data. Combine metrics to derive business intelligence. Improve operations with actionable insights. 

Why choose an open solution?


Tackle your organization’s challenges head on. Our collaborative approach lets you connect to a variety of systems. 

User friendly 

User friendly 
Choose the devices and solutions that fit your needs. Our ecosystem includes extensive features provided by partners from across the globe. 


Bring together the features you want, without the learning curve. Consolidate your tasks in an interface your operators use every day. 


Take advantage of the latest technology without fear of being locked in. We strive to provide many options so you can find the right one for your organization.

Unified Security Ecosystem

Extend your security system with ease 
Built on a unified platform, the Security Center ecosystem doesn't just let you to take advantage of new technologies. You enjoy the full extent of our core systems with these additions. 

Ingest events, trigger alarms, and take action with all your security data. Centralize your security to decrease noise and intervention time. 

Start your journey to unified security
Security Center is the foundation of Genetec’s unified security portfolio. It lets you connect your security at your own pace, starting with a single core system. Even if you’re only interested in upgrading your video surveillance or access control, taking the next step is easy. With Security Center, you'll be ready to face new threats and challenges head-on.


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