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Stratocast cloud-based video management system

Video surveillance as a service, without the compromise

Some solutions lock you in with proprietary cameras. Others lack the capabilities you need to protect your people and facilities or are limited to a single site. And as your organization grows, your security system starts to hold you back.

Genetec Stratocast™ is a different kind of cloud-based video management system. It gives you the flexibility to choose the cameras that best meet your needs and offers enterprise-grade multi-site monitoring capabilities. And by recording directly to the cloud with no need for on-site servers or appliances, it lets you keep an eye on your sites no matter where you are.

Managing hardware is so 1990s

Record, store, and manage video directly in the cloud

Strengthen your security with affordable cloud-based video

Genetec Stratocast™ simplifies video surveillance through the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. Whether to view live and recorded video from a single site, or to monitor multiple locations, Stratocast deploys quickly and helps you control your costs.

Why Stratocast?

The unified experience

The unified experience
Unification is the essence of everything we do. From a single building to a global network, we help you manage video, analytics, access control, ALPR, and more – from one single platform.

Secure by design

Secure by design
As cyber threats evolve, we help you stay one step ahead. With Stratocast, you’ll receive continuous updates, patches, and fixes so you can remain safe against the latest threats.

Don’t get locked in

Don’t get locked in
We believe in maintaining an open architecture. That’s why we partner with leading camera manufacturers and give you the freedom to select from a variety of devices.

Expansive ecosystem of integrations

Expansive ecosystem of integrations
Connect your VMS to a wealth of data by bringing together other security systems with our portfolio of cloud-ready integrations.

Supported devices

Genetec supports a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, cloud and storage devices, intercoms, video surveillance equipment, and access control hardware. 

Start your journey to the cloud

Stratocast ensures your video surveillance system will grow with your organization. And because it’s part of our unified security portfolio, it provides a clear path to unify your security environment in a single location. As your needs evolve over time, connecting video with access control, automatic license plate recognition, and more can be done seamlessly.

Not sure where to get started?
Need help finding the best solution for your needs? Let our experts work with you to design the perfect system or explore our industry-specific solutions. 

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