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Iowa Governor's School Safety Bureau Radio Program

Iowa School Radio

All qualifying Iowa K – 12 public and private schools who wish to participate in the Iowa Governor’s School Safety Radio Program are required to completely fill out the order form linked below.

  • Each school can get a radio free from this State of Iowa program
  • One radio for each school building (elementary, middle, high school, LRC, etc.)
  • The online form needs to be completed, one form for each school.
  • The deadline to submit the form is October 21, 2022.
  • EE can do any/all of the needed programming, deployment services, and installation of the Motorola radios. EE has nine facilities around the state, at least one of which will be near your school.
  • Often a magnetic base multiband antenna is sufficient, which is included in this out-of-the-box ready package.
    • Standard services should run no more than $500 installed.
    • If radio (RF) signal strength is weak where the school wants to place the radio, then an external antenna, coaxial cable, and additional labor would be needed. An estimate on the needed antenna parts and labor should be no more than $1500 ($500, + $1000 extras.

The electronic application/order form must be received by the Department of Public Safety no later than 4:30 p.m., October 21, 2022.

See Radio Request Form

All School Safety Radios have been purchased by the State of Iowa. Regardless of choice, the Motorola and L-3 Harris/RACOM School Safety Radio shall possess the following capabilities and features:

  • Radio Capabilities: 700/800 and VHF in a single chassis, Phase I P25 Conventional and trunking, Phase II TDMA operation, OTAP (Over-the-air-provisioning) and capable of multisystem enrollment/use
  • Large Format Emergency Button
  • Included/Enabled Encryption Features: AES 256, Multi-key, P25 OTAR (Over-the-air-rekeying), and Multisystem OTAR/KMF
  • Industry Standard No Cost – 3-year (36 Months) manufacturer warranty
  • Standard Format Palm Microphone
  • Speaker for receiving incoming audio
  • 120 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC power supply
  • Magnetic base multiband antenna system

Services and items not included and will not be paid or purchased by the State of Iowa:

Radio testing & alignment, programming, deployment services/installation, end-user training, maintenance agreements, extended warranty options, any external or additional antenna solutions for schools located in geographically challenged areas, or any other features/enhancements not mentioned above. These are all expenses and/or options negotiated between the school and the vendor and paid for separately by the school after the arrival of the School Safety Radio at the vendor. The radio was designed to be as adaptable and "out of the box ready" as possible to minimize additional fees. According to both vendors, the typical fee for programming, testing and alignment, and installation with indoor antenna is about $500. Non-typical installations requiring external antenna solutions, extra cabling, possible additional shipping fees from the vendor to the local radio shop, and complexity of installation can increase the expense.

Order Information

Accurately complete all requested information on the order form and submit one form for each school requesting radio(s). Each school in the district is eligible for a School Safety Radio. A separate submission form must be submitted for each school within the district.

If applicable, include any school building identifying information. (Example: Middleburg School Annex, Building #2; or Spotswood High School, Classroom Extension A.)

EE is happy to help you with questions, walking you through the radio request form, so just reach out to us by phone or email.

See Radio Request Form