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Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS)

ISICS was created to provide statewide interconnectivity to our public safety officials from border to border. The construction of this system is 100 percent funded by statewide dollars for all governmental agencies and includes all system upgrades, maintenance, and software upgrades for at least ten years after the system is completely built – at no cost to each local entity for this connected infrastructure.

System Provides Baseline 95% Guaranteed Statewide Coverage. Portable, On Street, & In-Building Coverage Where Sites Are Available.


The Power in Your Hands

  • Local users manage their own radios, consoles, and talk groups on the system.
  • The system will be operable within your county and interoperable across the state.
  • The ISICS system is built to the P25 standard allowing local technology choices.
  • Seamless PSAP backup between agencies.
  • ISICS Board consists of local and regional public safety officials.

Largest, Most Interoperable, and Most Redundantly Designed P25 System in Iowa

  • Over 95 sites on the air/being constructed and handles +10,000 radios.
  • Local police, fire, medical, and utilities had the unparalleled ability to seamlessly interoperate with Iowa State Patrol when the system went operational in 2016.
  • Interconnectivity between agencies from the Mississippi River to the Missouri River.
  • State of the art fault tolerant cores located across the state designed for maximum system-up time.

Local Cost Savings

  • No user fees to access the ISICS system.
  • 95% baseline mobile coverage included.
  • Site maintenance and software upgrades on the system are paid for by the state and will not be the responsibility of the local users.

Common Misconceptions

1. It will be 5-10 years before the Iowa Interoperable Statewide System (ISICS) is built (FALSE)

  • a. The build out will be done by the end of this year (towers up and microwaves linked), Motorola is projected to be finished with project by July 2018

2. The platform is controlled by the State (FALSE)

  • a. The ISICS Board sets the rules for use of the system which is comprised of law enforcement, emergency managers, and first responders from across the state
  • b. Committees and working groups are comprised of local users, they determine rules of the system

View more information along with a detailed list about ISICS common misconceptions here

For 70 years, Electronic Engineering has been the electronics and communication specialist people depend on. Electronic Engineering is an Iowan owned and operated company with local support and 11 regional offices. Electronic Engineering is a Manufacturers’ Representative of Motorola P25 products.

What Is The Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System?

Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS) is Iowa’s statewide P25 standard digital communications network. It creates unprecedented connectivity for public safety agencies, first responders and schools, as well as providers of public services like power and utilities, public health, and emergency management. As a state-of-the-art wireless digital communications platform, ISICS puts heightened safety and effectiveness at the forefront, delivering seamless interoperability, secure, reliable communications and cutting-edge voice and data capabilities.

Secure Operability & Interoperability

Encrypted, full featured mobile coverage baseline across the entire State of Iowa with enhanced portable coverage in densely populated area. System allows local agencies to utilize and realize cost benefits from using existing infrastructure as well as easily add additional infrastructure as needed to meet agency specific portable radio coverage requirements. State-wide and seamless interoperability is possible with agencies currently utilizing the system.

Duty Runs Deep

We make it our business to support first responders in their moment of need. When duty calls, public safety is first to respond and fearlessly protect and serve. We recognize your sacrifice and honor your courage. We're keeping our promise of helping making people better in the moments that matter.

Meet and Exceed Your Critical Requirements

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Allows for the most efficient allocation of frequency resources by splitting channels into time slots and allowing more users to operate on the same channel without interference.

Geo-Redundant Cores

Ensure communications are never lost with a strategically-located redundant core.

Over-The-Air Rekeying (OTAR)

Allows for changing of radio encryption keys over the air.

Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP)

Sends updates to radios over the air, so users do not have to bring their radios in for manual service, saving time and protecting productivity.

Local Control

The system is designed to encompass separate talk groups, assuring total security and local control of administration and operations to each user agency.


ISICS One Pager Info Sheet

Click here to get a printable 1 pager of quick facts on ISICS


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