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Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the eEngineering.com Newsletter. Our newsletter is designed to provide our public safety customers with the latest two-way radio, wireless communications, and security solutions news. Trouble viewing the newsletter, see it here.
Dallas County Law Enforcement – Case Study with The Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS)
Dallas County Law Enforcement agencies migrated their operations to their new 700MHz simulcast system which operates on the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS).

The following is a brief account of how the system was put to use in just a week after the migration: A 5-year-old child went missing for over 2 hours when multiple law enforcement agencies responded to assist. Agencies, which ranged from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office deputies and multiple other Dallas County law enforcement agencies to Dallas County Conservation, and State Patrol, would normally have been dealing with multiple separate radio systems that were not compatible to communicate at one time.

With the statewide system functioning, those with new radios were able to easily change to one channel and the others were given new radios that were on hand to allow for a quick response and locating the child.

The new system allowed for efficiency in communications resources by management and allowed for thorough and concise communications which contributed to the child being back with their family safe and sound within a matter of hours.
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West Union Police Department First In Iowa
To Adopt Body Worn Camera + Speaker Mic
West Union Police Department officers were the first in Iowa to adopt Motorola’s Si500 Video Speaker Microphone. This solution is cloud-based – there is no on-site server to maintain and it acts as a database that easily manages evidence while providing a cloud backup platform to share with other authorized users in the city. The all-in-one device provides the user a combined video and still image recording, voice communication and voice capture, emergency alerting, content viewing and radio integration into a single package. They also have Bluetooth capability, eliminating a wired connection and offering ease of communication and photo taking.
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News and Events
Indianola National Balloon Classic
We were proud to help communications at the Indianola National Balloon Classic this year. Here’s a snapshot from one of the balloons. Big to small, we can help facilitate any event you’re helping put on. Radio communications help keep day-of event logistics running smoothly and effortlessly.
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Motorola Solutions Featured Video
Watch Motorola’s Ruggedness Tests on Every Radio
Motorola Solutions' intelligent design and testing process re-creates the field conditions that you work in every day. Our Enhanced Accelerated Life Testing ensures the reliability and durability of all our products. No matter where you work, have confidence that your Motorola Solutions device has been tested for extreme conditions. Our devices are ready for anything, just like you.
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