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Kathie has worn a variety of hats for our company over the last 16 years including office manager, communications consultant and branch manager. On any given day, you can bet Kathie is performing all three of those jobs across the Western part of Iowa and Eastern side of Nebraska. Kathie is able to connect with customers on both specific and technical needs in addition to big picture ideas for future expansion and growth.

We asked her the following questions to get her insight into the industry:

What is one of the most significant technological shifts you’ve seen happen in your time in the industry?

Kathie: The evolution of the dispatch centers and their equipment has changed so much from when I first started. From hardware upgrades of the past to software IP upgrades of the future, modern technology has been able to help dispatchers and law enforcement on their emergency communication needs. Now our technicians can provide faster service by logging into a computer instead of taking hours to drive, service and return.

What’s a recent favorite project you’ve worked on?

Kathie: I do a lot of work with public safety and first responders. I’ve worked with Mills County in Iowa extensively through their communications evolution. Starting from when they had to narrowband and upgrade equipment to helping them migrate into the Iowa Interoperable Communications System (ISICS), EE formed a great team and offered a smooth transition.

What is one thing that readers/friends might be surprised to know about you?

Kathie: When I was growing up, I was heavily involved in music, dancing and theatrical productions.

What are some of the things you like to do in your free time/hobbies?

Kathie: I like to browse antique shops, lounge out at the lake with my friends and family, visit Colorado, and watch college football and NASCAR racing.

Kathie lives in Omaha and has two sons, Eyan (16) and Bobby (32) lives in Broomfield, CO with his wife Brianna.
Gov. Kim Reynolds made the ceremonial “first call” on the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS) at the Iowa State Fair. [Watch The Video] The system was designed to connect Iowa’s public safety officers across the state to improve safety of both the officers and our citizens. The system has over 90 sites and has triple redundancy to ensure operability. In times of emergency, disaster, recovery and interoperability, public safety agencies, emergency responders, schools, utilities, others will use this system to safely communicate.

Over 40 agencies have already joined the system with more in the application process. Electronic Engineering has been directly involved with the buildout and implementation of the system. We hope to be your partner to navigate the application process and become a user of the system. If you want to know more about joining, please contact us.
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The City of Des Moines will be joining the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS) in their next major technological communications upgrade starting this fall. As the capital city, they will be joining dozens of other agencies and all statewide agencies on the new communications network. Citing the system’s redundancy, statewide interoperability and features of dispatch, the City of Des Moines will continue their long relationship with Motorola Solutions and upgrade all devices and main consoles in dispatch.

Electronic Engineering is proudly headquartered in Des Moines and as a Motorola partner, will gladly assist in implementation of this new project.

“As the statewide system looks to its final acceptance this fall, City of Des Moines is making a great choice for its public safety officers and citizens to join ISICS. The system and its followers will continue to grow as ISICS becomes the predominant way of communication for emergency response in the state,” stated Mark Clark, President of Electronic Engineering.
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Electronic Engineering has been busy assisting our local schools with emergency preparedness plans, maintenance of current systems, additions to buses and other infrastructure to increase coverage and preparation for interaction on the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS) with local law enforcement.

Many school administrators are implementing emergency communication lines that directly open up to local law enforcement by the push of a button. The power of ISICS to reach into every school across the state is critical in a time where school safety has never been more important.

If you need assistance in developing your state mandated school emergency operations plan, contact us today.
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What started out as a single camera installation has blossomed into a full-blown security system for Mid-Prairie Community School District in southeastern Iowa. Electronic Engineering’s Mt. Pleasant branch was called about 3 years ago to install a camera on the front door of an elementary school. The new principal of the school had recently moved from Washington County, where she had experienced Electronic Engineering’s work throughout her district and wanted to modernize her school.

As time has moved forward, each of the five schools have increasingly upped their security game with over 150 cameras spanning the district. The schools now have several exterior and interior cameras to monitor locations throughout the school grounds. They have also started to replace old cameras that have become outdated or were failing.

In addition, they’ve added access controls to several doors to enable authorized individuals to enter and exit certain doors with a required key fob. Finally, they’ve installed door video intercoms so administration is able to communicate with individuals wishing to enter the building.

As school safety continues to reach new levels of necessity, schools can rely on Electronic Engineering to have the expertise and experience to find the proper solution.
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  • Electronic Engineering provided rental radios for Indianola’s 2018 National Balloon Classic. In its 29th year, the Classic makes Iowa skies come alive with nearly 100 hot air balloons flying through various competitions and fun runs.

  • EE continues to provide radios for the Iowa State Fair in various capacities including numerous vendors and the Blue Ribbon Foundation. The Iowa State Fair is 10 days long and set a record of 1.13 million visitors last year.

  • EE continued to provide radios for various city officials and vendors during the Registers’ Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, known as RAGBRAI.
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