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Ready to strengthen the foundation of your business communications with digital two-way radios?

There has never been a better time to explore the benefits of digital communications for your organization. Digital two-way radios pack extreme power, flexibility and enhanced performance to help increase productivity and enhance safety. But how do you ensure the transition from analog to digital communications is seamless for your workplace?

Download the Analog to Digital Playbook, created with the needs of your business in mind. Discover how two-way radio communications and video combine to seamlessly deliver advanced, real-time information to the right people, when they need it most. You’ll learn:
  • How your peers are viewing digital transformation
  • The benefits of moving to digital communications
  • The step-by-step process to make the leap from analog to digital
  • What other next-generation enhancements are now in scope after going digital
“1/2 of respondents stated they intend to go fully digital with their two-way radio communications by 2024” - 2019 Motorola Solutions Commercial Markets Survey.
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The VT100 delivers a customizable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution. 720p HD video. Remote alarm activation. Customer-friendly design. Seamless integration with existing CCTV. The VT100 offers a new perspective when it matters most.

Record. Respond. Protect.
Creating a safe working environment is a top priority. Thanks to remote alarm activation, the VT100 empowers control room teams to respond swiftly when incidents occur, protecting your people and promoting a safety-first culture.
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What is off-road fleet tracking?

Off-road fleet tracking is the monitoring of an off-road asset (cranes, lifts, heavy equipment) with an IoT device that collects GPS location, vehicle speed, driving behavior, engine data, and other information.

Telematics is an important fleet management tool, not only for transportation and logistics companies, but also for fleets in construction, agriculture, utilities, and oil, gas and mining. Rental fleets and vehicle and equipment manufacturers are increasingly making use of telematics. Developments in satellite and cellular communications have made it possible for telematics devices to work even when vehicles are out on remote worksites.

Geofencing: Creating geographic zones within telematics software to set up boundaries and track activity at specific places. Common types of geofences or zones include a construction area, office, or customer location.

GPS algorithm: The process that instructs how GPS data (position and time) is logged onto the server. Algorithms may vary among telematics providers.

Open platform: A flexible telematics system which provides open or free access to the data through a software development kit (SDK) and application programming interfaces (APIs), in contrast to a closed platform in which access to data is limited or filtered.

Telematics: The use of GPS, telecommunications technology, sensors and the internet to monitor connected vehicles and equipment. Telematics is another term for off-road fleet tracking.

Battery/Solar Powered: GPS asset trackers do not even need continuous access to an engine/power source.

Fleets can use off-road telematics in many different ways.

  • Monitor engine data and diagnostic trouble codes
  • Track idle time and fuel use, run time for maintenance
  • Unauthorized or after-hour movement of construction equipment
  • PTO operation, tracking the usage of accessories (bucket-up, generator on/off, etc.)
  • Real-time location updates
  • Satellite network provides coverage when equipment is outside of cellular service
EE has rental, lease and purchase options for your telematics need. Talk to a representative to see how telematics can save you money each and every day.
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Motorola Solutions invites you to visit our Virtual Experience Center to experience an online showcase of their ecosystem that combines mission-critical and enterprise communications, software, video and services.
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Motorola Solutions has established a technology ecosystem that unifies voice, data, video and analytics in one integrated platform to connect and empower the individuals who keep communities safe and enable businesses to thrive. Now it’s time to show our customers how this unified technology ecosystem can allow their business to be always-on and always-secured.

Join Motorola Solutions on August 25-26 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT for our live Safety Reimagined Virtual Experience to see how our solutions can create Safe Schools, Safe Hospitals, Safe Airports and Safe Stadiums for our customers. This virtual experience will provide an introduction of Motorola’s Safe verticals, on-demand speaking sessions, the opportunity for guided tours, downloadable content and the ability to live chat with industry experts.
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