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Solve More Crime With Big Data

Put big data to work so you can quickly identify crime trends,track down leads with more accuracy and effortlessly transform the vast amounts of information your agency collects into actionable intelligence — empowering everyone to fight crime smarter with CommandCentral Analytics.

Quickly Recognize Trends, Then Take Action
In an increasingly scrutinized world, the more agency initiatives are based in fact and results can be quantified, the better. Easily turn strategic planning into measurable action with CommandCentral Analytics. CommandCentral unifies public safety data and streamlines workflows through 911, CAD, mobile, records, evidence, analytics, and jail.

CommandCentral Analytics
CommandCentral Analytics is a powerful cloud-based investigative analytic platform. It gives you instant access to visually insightful data from across local, nationwide and 10,000 public sources, all in an easy to use interface. Quickly identify emerging crime trends, track down leads with more accuracy and effortlessly communicate intelligence across your agency — empowering everyone to fight crime smarter with CommandCentral Analytics.

Solve crime faster with advanced license plate recognition (LPR) to investigate criminal activity and protect communities. Vigilant Solutions’ license plate recognition (LPR) tool, helps agencies develop more leads and solve more cases. All of the data and analytics received from LPR detections across the nation are housed in Vigilant’s cloud, LEARN.
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Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE, a push-to-talk (PTT) service that has no boundaries. WAVE’s Push-to-talk (PTT) options work the way you do. Select the communication tool that best fits your role and responsibility.
  • Broadband PTT Devices
    Get the benefit of WAVE with a rugged portable or mobile two-way radio on a nationwide network.
  • WAVE PTT Mobile App
    Turn your phone into a PTT handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button.
  • WAVE PTT Web Dispatch
    Log in from any internet connection and manage your mobile workforce from anywhere.
Through September 26, 2020, new WAVE customers can subscribe to WAVE PTT mobile app and WAVE PTT web dispatch at no cost for three months.
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Ensure your team has the technology required to act safely and efficiently. Find solutions for public safety, government and business, from radios and accessories to video and software to support you during the health crisis.

Two-Way Radio Communications
Trust instant two-way radio communications to keep your teams connected. No matter how critical the moment is, stay connected with instant push-to-talk designed for public safety and business operations


WAVE Push-to-Talk (PTT)
Whether working remotely and looking to communicate with those on the front lines or trying to set up instant push-to-talk communications across the devices you already own, shop WAVE™ PTT.
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Motorola Solutions’ H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection Solution uses Avigilon cameras and Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 video management software to offer high-throughput, contactless pre-screening of potentially symptomatic individuals at access points to increase the efficiency of traditional physical screening performed by medical professionals. Now available for preorder in the U.S.
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Temporary testing sites may be deployed away from major buildings or population areas, both to make it easier for patients to access and to keep hospitals from being overcrowded. These sites may lack permanent infrastructure, including wireline internet service. They may rely on generator power and have limited weatherproofing, making it difficult to install Wi-Fi access points. HIPPA rules and local laws will demand top-level security for private medical data used in these facilities. Access to limited supplies and critical equipment will need to be restricted, with limited security resources, requiring remote video monitoring and access control.

Deploying Nitro to cover these sites will provide them with fast, secure local broadband for applications like video and security, while leveraging cellular connectivity for connecting back to their data networks.
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