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Scott Hoch has been part of the Electronic Engineering family for over 11 years. Working in our sales department, Scott works with private companies, schools and public safety across Central Iowa to cater to their radio communications needs. Whether it’s in the field, on the playground, or in the plant, Scott has the knowledge and expertise to get to the root issue a customer is facing.

We asked him the following questions to get his insight on the industry:

What is one of the most significant technological shifts you’ve seen happen in your time in the industry?

Scott: Much has changed but the two that top the list would have to be the wide accessibility to the Internet and the amazing software capabilities for today’s two way radios. Their function goes far beyond what many know as “push-to talk” feature and they are keeping up with society’s demands of GPS tracking, text message capability, communication over Wi-Fi and more.

What’s a recent favorite project you’ve worked on?

Scott: I’ve had some really great projects in the manufacturing and public safety spheres but, recently I have enjoyed working with Waukee Community School District.

As one of the fastest growing suburbs of Des Moines, they’ve found increasing need to keep their individual schools connected to one another and to public safety. With the reliability of radios’ push-to-talk feature coupled with direct access to the police department, I know we’re giving them the safest and best option to meet their needs.

What is one thing that readers/friends might be surprised to know about you?

Scott: I am 50% owner of a cupcake shop in Johnston, Iowa, named Cupcake Addict.

What are some of the things you like to do in your free time/hobbies?

Scott: I enjoy fishing, bow hunting and boating with my family, smoking meat and just being Dad… Scott lives in Johnston with his wife, Janet. They have two children, Lilly (11) and Tyler (10).
ISICS is headed toward the finish line with a goal to be fully operational by this fall.

Many state and local agencies have been applying for User IDs to access the system (which is free). You can check out the agencies that are in the process here. We can help your agency with the ISICS application process.

Electronic Engineering is dedicated to being Iowa’s premiere sales and service company for the ISICS system. Because of this goal, we’ve had 7 technicians go through a week long, rigorous training workshop certification to help communications centers and PSAPs to make a transition into the new system.
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In 1948, Electronic Engineering was first authorized as a Motorola Communications Service Station. Ever since then, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best service and sales of Motorola products. As a family-owned company, we realize the importance of community and we’re proud to be part of communication needs in schools, manufacturing plants, restaurants, farms, on construction sites and in private businesses. See the original certificate we received from 1948!
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Deciding whether to add data applications to your communication system is an important step. Without doubt, many organizations are already benefiting from the power of data applications through enhanced productivity, efficiency and safety. Below we’ve highlighted 8 data application categories as possible solutions.
  1. Alarm & Telemetry
  2. Control Room Solutions
  3. Interoperability
  4. Situational Awareness
  5. Digital Media Recording & Management
  6. Workforce Efficiency & Management
  7. Messaging Solutions
  8. Device & System Management
Voice and Data, a Powerful Combination

Whatever your business or industry, three criteria are paramount: efficiency, productivity and safety. With voice and data communications, so much more is possible. Efficiency is improved as devices and networks connect seamlessly and assignments are managed with precision. Productivity is boosted by centralized control and better situational awareness, so you always know how your people, systems and devices are performing. And safety is increased with alarm management, location tracking, man down and lone worker applications.
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  • For the fifth year in a row, Electronic Engineering provided rentals to the Principal Charity Classic’s transportation operation, caterer and the golf course’s grounds crew team. Principal Charity Classic is an annual PGA Tour Champions golf tournament in Des Moines, Iowa. Proceeds of the event go to local and statewide charities.
  • For the 39th and final year, EE provided radios to Des Moines’ Dam to Dam ½ marathon road race. Registration sold out in less than 5 hours from participants in over 400 towns. Over 8,000 people participated.
  • Since the 1980s, Electronic Engineering has been providing radio rentals to what has become the Des Moines Art Festival and central Iowa’s premiere art and culture event. The Festival frequently draws in more than 200,000 people from all across the country and has been ranked among the top festivals in the United States.
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