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Motorola Solutions has created the first and only end-to-end enterprise technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics on a single platform — providing you with the foundation of safety you need by addressing the unique challenges of your airport, hospital, school, and stadium. They have also reimagined how the technologies used to help keep them safe can do even more — drive efficiencies, improve productivity and generate better outcomes. Because safety, efficiency and productivity are deeply interconnected. With the right technologies, you can be faster, smarter, more focused and more resilient — better at everything you do.

Detect, Analyze, Communicate, Respond

Because when technologies communicate and learn from each other, safety and performance improve across your entire enterprise. Intelligence advances outwards, giving you eyes and ears where you’ve never had them before. Information flows where it’s needed — from cameras, to radios, to smart devices, to command centers — and what you need to know is made clear. People collaborate in more personalized and productive ways, using any network or device they want. Fairness and accuracy replace biases and blindspots. Resiliency increases and decisions improve.

Safe Airports
The Intersection of Technology and Transportation

Safe Hospitals
Leading Edge Technologies for Hospitals on the Leading Edge

Safe Schools
Next Generation Safety for The Next Generation

Safe Stadiums
Keep Up with The Speed of Technology on One Unified Platform
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What if safety, efficiency and productivity were deeply connected?

Connecting and empowering the individuals who keep our society safe and our world moving forward through a technology ecosystem that unifies voice, data, video and analytics in one connected platform.
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What is a Distributed Antenna System?

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is implemented to improve wireless coverage for mobile devices, first responder’s two-way radios and basically any wireless device inside a large building and outside structures of virtually any size. This is achieved by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout a building which reinforces and amplifies areas with limited or poor coverage.


Electronic Engineering specializes in providing in-building communication solutions to commercial and public safety customers. Providing good quality RF signal throughout your building or campus represents significant challenges in today's day and age. Our solutions could be as simple as adding some two-way radio repeaters or combiners. They could also be as complex as installing a distributed antenna system (DAS). We will customize a solution for your exact needs.

Why Do I Need a Distributed Antenna System?

- Improve wireless coverage for mobile devices
- Communicate with employees throughout your facility
- Comply with your local ordinances and fire codes
- Improve your guests experience
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Individuals not following health guidelines around the use of protective face masks can be detected using AI-enabled edge intelligence and analytics running on fixed video security cameras. This Face Mask Detection technology can be used to help determine if a person appears on camera without face mask protection and can notify security or operations through alerts in the video management software.
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