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Do you assistance with FCC Licensing? Electronic Engineering can help!

Electronic Engineering will be glad to help you with all FCC Licensing requirements. We’ve been managing licenses like yours for many years. We can take care of all your FCC Licensing requirements, even if you didn’t purchase your radios through us.

Our FCC Licensing department monitors communication from the FCC and our industry partners. We will make sure that your licences are up-to-date and that your two-way radios are in compliance with all government rules and regulations.

We have nine locations throughout Iowa, and one in Nebraska, all of our locations can help you with FCC licensing questions. Please click here to contact our FCC Licensing Department.

No More Paper Filings

The FCC is no longer issuing paper licenses and will cease accepting paper filings for wireless licenses or antenna registrations as of June 29, 2021; the same date on which it will convert all correspondence to electronic communications. Licensees should confirm that they have a valid email address on their licenses and Antenna Structure Registrations (ASRs).

If you or your organization has an FCC license, eEngineering will be happy to assist you in updating your communication with the FCC, and also can be an authorized contact on your behalf. Effective immediately eEngineering will require an email address for licensees/applicants for all applications to conform with this FCC mandate. With an email on file at the FCC, licensees will receive an official “soft” copy of their licenses upon application grant. To ensure that licensees receive the official copy, the FCC suggests that applicants set email preferences to allow incoming email from “authorizations@fcc.gov” before their applications are submitted.

Beware of FCC Scams

The FCC Has No Office of Compliance Administration

Have you received a letter about your FCC licenses from the Office of Compliance Administration? If so, it is totally bogus.

The letter certainly wants to look official, but as we have alerted you in the past, “Federal License Management” is not affiliated in any manner with the Federal Government, and most certainly, has nothing to do with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So, if you or your customers recently received an “ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATE – MODIFICATION NOTICE” from the “Office of Compliance Administration” referencing a call sign and listing potential amendments, you should seek satisfaction by throwing the letter away. The FCC does not issue such nonsensical communications and does not have an Office of Compliance Administration. If you want to file an official complaint, please read below. And one more thing. Although Federal License Management is not affiliated in any way with that other entity calling itself Federal Licensing, Inc. or JV depending on the day, they both are a plague on unsuspecting licensees.

To file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding unfair or deceptive business practices, call 1-877-FTC-HELP or email antitrust@ftc.gov. Complaints assist the FTC in detecting patterns of fraud and abuse.

If you are not sure about your FCC licenses, please contact our FCC licensing department. We will be happy to check on the status of your licenses.

FCC General Information

FCC Notices

If you get a notice from the FCC or a licensing company, simply forward the notice to us and we’ll let you know if any action is required. Often, FCC notices are just reminding you of an upcoming deadline. Be sure to forward to us any notice from the FCC regarding your FCC license. You will receive other notices regarding your FCC license, usually from licensing companies. They are trying to solicit your FCC licensing business. Send us those notices too, and we will let you know if a response is necessary.

License Expirations

FCC licenses are typically good for 10 years. Each license has an expiration date on it. If you have an expiration coming up within the next few months, let us know and we will take care of the paperwork. Did you get a letter notifying you of an upcoming FCC expiration on one of your licenses? If so, contact us or send us a quick email. Several licensing companies send notifications like this several months before an application could be processed by the FCC.

License “Construction” Deadlines

When you get a new FCC license, you have one year to inform the FCC that it is live and “on the air.” If you don’t submit the required form, the FCC will cancel your license. Again, send us any notices you receive, and we will submit the form for you.


In January 2013, the FCC implemented new requirements that mandated most VHF and UHF licensees make use of narrowband channels. This required some businesses to purchase new equipment, while others had us simply modify their equipment. Either way, a license modification was required to show that this was done. The old wideband emissions designators (eg. 20K) should have been removed from your FCC licenses. If you aren't sure you have completed these narrowbanding requirements, simply contact us and we’ll audit your equipment and let you know if any of your equipment is out of compliance. The FCC is enforcing this new requirement by not allowing you to renew your FCC license unless your equipment is narrowband compliant. They could also fine operators of noncompliant systems.

Contact our FCC Licensing Department if you have any questions.


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