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Automatically accelerate the flow of
information with Orchestrate.

Orchestrate is an intuitive, cloud-based interface tool to configure, automate and manage workflows that control integrated security technologies. It simplifies day-to-day operations with an intuitive drag and drop interface, individual processes are built into automations to expedite detection and response time.

Orchestrate combines AI with digital business logic to help organizations determine how they detect, analyze, communicate and respond to operational events. It improves situational awareness and provides the ability to automatically respond with appropriate actions, as defined in the initial set-up.

Customized Automation for Your Security Technology Ecosystem

Take care of what matters the most. Automate the rest.

Detection Technologies
Cloud Platform
Intuitive, Visual

It’s a simple, user-friendly, and cloud-based interface tool that gives administrators the ability to configure and automate workflows that control their integrated security technology ecosystem. These intelligent, automated workflows also enhance efficiency as well as improve response times, effectiveness, and overall personnel safety. It equips your security network operations teams with the capabilities they need to detect triggers across a number of installed devices and quickly take actions to reduce risk of breaches and downtime by automatically alerting the appropriate teams and executing the proper procedure. Orchestrate makes managing your day-to-day operations effortless by providing a self-service workflow management tool at your fingertips.

Complex Workflows, Simplified.

Motorola Solutions’ business workflow automation solution, Orchestrate, is designed for your unique ecosystem. It allows you to integrate individual processes, fully manage and optimize workflows, and deliver a consistent response every time. The number and complexity of workflows can scale to meet the needs of your operations. Because Orchestrate is a secure, cloud-based, cross technology platform, users can access and build customized solutions from anywhere, at any time.

Automated, Integrated Workflows
Create workflows with triggers from video events resulting in automated actions to be taken, such as a lockdown activation.

Enterprise Cloud Platform
Automate operations at speed and scale with a platform that connects across voice, data, video, software, and analytics.

Intuitive, Visual Rule Design
Author and maintain business logic outside of traditional code with a simple to use, graphical interface.

Analytics-Driven Logic
Leverage analytics to trigger conditional logic, alerting and informing relevant participants throughout an operational lifecycle.

Simple, cloud-based design tool with the ability to easily make changes as needs evolve from anywhere, anytime.

Automatically Accelerate the Flow of Information
Orchestrate simplifies day-to-day operations with an intuitive drag and drop interface; individual processes are built into automations to expedite detection and response time.

Discover All the Automation Possibilities
Motorola Solutions’ Orchestrate integrates a vast range of technologies, including video security, access control, land mobile radio communication, and command center software, offering seamless workflow automations and making businesses and communities safer.

Built-In Security from the Start
Motorola Solutions knows you take your system security seriously, and we do too. Their philosophy is that security needs to be injected into every phase of development and integration, with understanding and oversight into cybersecurity risk and mitigation options. MSI’s adherence to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) underscores its commitment to maintain and provide up-to-date standards, approved frameworks, checklists, and guidance that can be followed all the way through the development lifecycle and beyond.


  • Self-Service Workflow Management Tool
  • Cloud-Based: Access From Anywhere, Anytime
  • End-to-End Automated Workflows
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Design
  • Cross-Technology Connections


  • Gives Administrators Control
  • Enhances Efficiency
  • Improve Response Times
  • Expedite Detection & Response
  • Advanced Video Analytics Triggers

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