EMS+OneAt Electronic Engineering our EMS+One product line has been setting the standard for customized installations and technology for years. Whether you need lightbars, console equipment, two-way radios, flashlights, cellular phones or Motorola mobile data, our technicians will custom install each piece to ensure longevity and reliability.

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Lightbars & Sirens

Lightbars & SirensIn any emergency, you need to stand out and have at your fingertips technology that allows you to alert the public.

That's why at Electronic Engineering we offer a wide range of lightbars and sirens, that leverage the latest in technology, so you can respond in an instant. Our unmatched technicians not only install each lightbar so that it looks like it has always been part of your vehicle, but are the reason we're recognized by Federal Signal as an authorized service center.

When you partner with Electronic Engineering, you get our years of expertise and dedication to helping law enforcement meet the uncertain emergencies of the world in which we live.

In-car Systems

Now, more than ever before, technology is enhancing the way law enforcement officials respond to and prevent crimes using in-car mobile data systems. This advancement gives law enforcement officials real-time access to information about people, property, and vehicles. Plus, get up-to-the-minute information on driver's license status, arrest warrants, and more. Thus, giving law enforcement first-hand knowledge of a potential criminal or dangerous situation before they ever make contact with an individual.

Dispatch Center

Dispatch CenterYour dispatch center is vital to your community and emergency personnel. Lives depend on it every day. You can't afford system failures or malfunctions. We've created installation teams who will work with you to design a dispatch center that's customized to your needs. We'll walk you through the newest technology and make sure you're never without service.


FlashlightsAs an EMS professional, your job and the lives of the communities you serve depend on your ability to see clearly in any conditions. At Electronic Engineering, we sell Steamlight and Pelican flashlights that are designed to perform in conditions where others fail. Featured products:

  • Rechargeable
  • H.I.D.
  • Portable light systems
  • Fire lights
  • New LED lights

Tornado Sirens

Tornado SirensIn a disaster, with only seconds to react, the safety of your community depends on reliable warning sirens. We understand that. That's why when you work with Electronic Engineering we'll provide a new propagation study. That way you'll know exactly how many sirens you need and precisely where they should be located. Plus, we'll customize each siren's programming to your exact specifications.

Motorola Minitor Fire Pagers

Motorola Minitor Fire PagersMinitor V - Two-Tone Voice Pager

  • Wide & Narrow-band Programmable
  • Expanded Stored Voice Capacity
  • Single and Dual Channel Models